Day 353

Dear diary

Today marks a day with sorrow and yeah I know many people has died trying to defend the world and I have no idea of what happened to Niklas but the commander just came down to my tent to tell me in person that my old home town has been destroyed in a laser strike from the aliens so if my mother was anywhere near it, she is dead and gone now. Tears is running down my cheeks as I did not expect all of this to happen and she was so close to make it out alive with me. The commander also told me that even if she has returned to the bunker then there would be no chance of her surviving the attack. Why are you not firing the stupid laser’s on this camp so I can see all my lost ones in heavens. I am so tired of all the death and killing around me, when are people going to join force just like they do in that alien movie from the 90’s were the aliens also has laser’s. I guess we are just a weak little planet who has no wishes of live together and coexist, maybe that is why they attacked us as we seemed like a walk over for them. But at least we are still here 200 days later. Sorry I am just so lost after I heard that my home and all the people I knew is all gone, I feel like am all alone in this world and I even that Niklas is out there I still rather wait on him in heavens. I am sorry for sounding cold but how would you feel if you lost your mother without having a chance to say goodbye to her. This diary was supposed to be a happy one and now it is almost broke by all the damage. Guess I am only thinking about me and me alone at the moment as things are falling down are around me… me, ME, Meeeee, always me, only me, why me, give me, take me. Sorry I have to stop writing for today now before I become crazy

Good night diary.

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