Day 359

Dear diary

Now the year has almost gone since I started this diary and I never expected the year to be that crazy like it has been. I did not expect the aliens, the shooting stars or that I am soon going to be a mother. The only thing I expected was the wedding and since I have not heard from Niklas since day 337 I guess that is off unless some magic happens. My mom is gone too, so I wonder why I am the only one from my town who are still alive. The soldier are all looking at me and my belly guess they dream about women like me as I am one of the few here in the camp. The many of the others has already been sent away on trucks. I have gotten permission to stay because I am waiting on Niklas as many of the other civilians are already together with their husbands. I do not know when I will go but I know that on my wedding day I am going to sneak out of the camp and hide this diary so people in the area can find it and maybe learn about what happened in the first days. My hand is having a hard time writing now as I just watched a shooting star and I am worried that the aliens are on their way now like they was the other times if they have anything to do with them. There was another already and can hear the soldiers getting ready for something as they are making lots of noise compared to some of the other evenings. I hope they can protect me even I was stupid enough to stay here as I know deep inside my heart that Niklas is not returning and I will be a mother all by myself. I hope it will be a fresh boy so I can name him after his wonderful father. I will of course add junior like others so people know he had a father but on the other hand I am not sure how I can take care of him now in this mad world. I know it is not the end yet but thanks diary for helping me though the pains and sorrows that the aliens has brought me. I better get some sleep now.

Good night diary.

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