Day 369 _old

Dear diary

It has been 2 days since I revealed to you guys that I had lied to you for most of my diary and I was not sure if I should even continued writing for another year as I would not be sure if you would believe me but events has force my mind. I want to make it clear that today I have good and bad news where the bad news is the events that have forced my mind to write again to help clear my mind. The good news is that I have been saved by the real army which makes of course makes you wonder what army I was with in the first place and like I told you that was a lie and I was really being captured by the aliens and that was why they did not want me to leave champ and search for my mother or husband. Another lie which was a good news is that my father lives and not dead as I told you in the first place as I wanted to hide him from the aliens as the rocks he found is one of the few defenses we have against the aliens. On bad news I am writing this with tears in my eyes which wants to run down my cheeks any time soon and my body is filled with sorrow. My child died doing the birth and I have buried away from it all so it can rest in peace while the world battles the aliens to make the future a better place.

Goodnight dear diary

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