Day 370 _old

Dear diary

I was so sad about my little child yesterday that I forgot to say that the army I am with now is being lead by my father and the lie about the car crash was true to even me and my mother because he did that to hide himself from the aliens as the government and military had known the aliens was going to attack for many years but they worried that the normal people would found it hard to grasp so they kept it a secret. Just one note about my father, even he is leading the army the he is no soldier, he is just one of those people with most knowledge about the aliens and the rocks that we are use to defend ourself with. I cannot tell what it does yet as I have not seen it in action yet as my camp was saved by normal tanks and machine guns like any other war on this earth. You can expect my surprise when the army was attack by an other army while both was trying to explain to you that they was the real humans and not the others. My father was the one saving me and the sight of him made me believe that they were the humans. I of course asked him a few questions about mom to check and he knew every part of them without even a second to blink. So I would say that if he is an alien then they have done a fine job creating an imposter. Well I am sure you are more interested in the rocks that my reunion with my father but can only say it is the same turquoise rock it always have been and my father would not answer my questions about it yet. I am sad that my mother did not get to my father again before she vanished but it feels like a big rock, no pun attended, that I have started writing again as it helps me moron the death. That reminds I forgot to tell you take my father made some of the army guys burry my husband the same way he would have been if it was a fight against humans so they have placed a gun a cross and given me an flag to keep. I am holding it close when sleeping because the smell of sweat, blood and gun powder really makes me feel alive and reminds me to carry on.

Good night diary

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