Day 375 _old

Dear diary

Nothing much has happened today but I am building up my life again while trying to help the army in every way I can even I am just a woman who has lost her baby and been a kindergarten teacher all my life. The soldiers are getting used to work with the leader daughter and because I am doing my part no one is trying to be gentle with me because of my father’s status. The aliens has been attacking our camp a few times but so far the worst which happened to us is a broken arm and that was not even the aliens who did that. I was the one treating him so I know the story first hand even I was not near the attack where it happened. I am still sleeping with the flag as a blanket to hold it close to my heart even that there are talks we don’t have many flags left so might need to return it soon so we can prove who we are to other humans. Guess that was all for today

Good night dear diary

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