Day 379 _old

Dear diary

Things are going smoothly as we are slowly reclaiming some of the area that used to be under control by the aliens. I cannot say if it is going easier than expected as I am no soldier but I have not heard of many dead soldiers and so on. On the other hand there is a bit bad as we do not see any bodies of former death soldiers so the areas we reclaim is often ghost areas when we finally makes the aliens retreat. I want to join the fight bit my father will not allow me and is talking about how important I am to him, and he also talked about that he might send me and a group of men to another area where the scientists maybe can figure out some way to harvest the energy from my stone. I had completely forgot about it as even I know its power and that I have been protecting it since he gave me, I was still surprised about sending me away with it when the battle is going fine so far. He says he will have decided by sometime next week, maybe 2 if things go high wire. It is going to be an interesting week as I am not sure I am ready to leave my father after almost being killed and lost so many who was close to me. Guess I will hold the flag even closer tonight as the talks about maybe take it away from me has grown.

Good night dear diary

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