Day 379

Dear diary

The soldiers have finally brought me to the main camp where the northern army is doing their operations. I am glad we made it there alive and even more happy for the surprise which was waiting for me there. My father, Brian, is alive and yeah, I know, I said, I am happy, but I am also sad and annoyed that he left my mom and I plus I wish my mother could have met her once more before she died. I hope he will explain the thoughts that went through his head the day before he had to leave us. He already told me that the reason he left was because he wanted to protect the weapon from falling in the wrong hands and he was not sure the military was the right ones either, which was why he gave it to me. I wonder how he could have known that the aliens would attack years after but guess it is not my headache and now I just need to prove to the army the weapon works but I lied a bit in my diary because I really don’t know how it works. I can sleep in peace that I finally am free of the aliens and that I am not alone in the world anymore.


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