Day 383

Dear diary

Time flies, I cannot believe I have been in a real army camp for 5 days now. I am still annoyed on
my father but the life here is so much more than him and the fake camp I was at before. We have
started talking about the car crash, which killed him. He told me that he death was so real
because another man had died to make it seem so real. I don’t understand how he could just
leave us behind and kill a man to be alive and death on the same time. Guess I learn more of it
while we are together here. I am so glad that the army allows women in it as it would have been
weird like in the fake camp to just be alone. A female medic has helped me given birth to my
death child. I know I sounds like it was nothing but it really helped a woman was by my side doing
it. I hope I can revenge my child, my husband and my mother in some way soon. My eyes is full of
tears now so guess I will sign off for today.


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