Day 389

Dear diary

Today I got to see the aliens again, they tried to attack the camp but only minor injuries happened
to our men, according to the soldier I was taking care of. I love talking to the men about how they
have experience the war so far as it reminds me of the stories Niklas told me. I am not sure if the
soldier enjoyed my company as I am not the best with a needle when it is flesh I am trying to help
heal. Good thing I learned a bit at kindergarten or it would have been even more painful for the
soldier. My father talks the rock and that I maybe get to use it next time we are going to be attack.
I didn’t like the way he talked about it as he sounded almost like he enjoyed the possibility of
death that an attack would might bring even it didn’t do today. I asked my father if he maybe
could arrange something so I could burry my past a bit as my last days of sleep have been full of
nightmares about Niklas, my little boy and my mother blaming me for their deaths. The medic who
helped me giving birth to my still born told me it was good to write about it even it was a still born.
She even suggested that I should figure out a name for him and that way make peace with the
past that way. I will use my remaining energy of the evening to think of a name for him.


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