Day 397

Dear diary

I am a little speechless today as last night I did not have any nightmares about Niklas, my father or anything so it was a quiet peaceful night for me and I really enjoyed it until I was awaken by the aliens attacking the base. The shooting practice my father have given me, really helped me feel safe as I helped firing a few rounds at the aliens which was not scary at all until the gun jammed for me. An alien came up close and I am sure I would have been dead now if the rock my father gave me had not glowed in its turquoise color and fired a beam though the brain of the alien. The beam even made the other aliens run in fear when I got stand afterwards. I am glad to be alive and glad to help even that my father was not pleased by me joining the army even that the rock saved me and maybe other soldiers. Guess that is what happens when you are his daughter compared to a normal soldier. Anyway I guess I will sleep now as even last night was nightmare free I am still a bit low on energy after so many days with nightmares in a row


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