Day 401

Dear diary

Well I guess I found out why my father was angry at me. It was not because that he was scared for me, he was scared what would happen to me now as since I fired the rock he has been at meeting after meeting after meeting with the chef of army and what I have learned they are talking about sending me away to a secret research center to find out what makes the rock tick. I am a bit confused about it all as when the aliens attack the first time he could not wait for them to attack again for them to be destroyed by the rock. I guess he just do not want to lose me again and the battle was clouding his mind. Which reminds me that I have forgot to tell you the last days that the soldier have started treating me like one of their own and I have gotten a few friends that way. They all ask me how I used the rock and if I will use it again next time. I hope the chef and whoever decides thing allows me to stay here as I really find myself at home again even I know it is not a real home plus I cannot let down my new friends. My father and the chef is still arguing about my fate at this hour, I am glad the aliens has not tried to attack us as I am not sure if the chef is focused enough on that possibility.


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