Day 409

Dear diary

Today’s diary will be a rant and not a good one as it reminded me of the dark nature of humans and sorry for the stupid question but if this diary do not make aware that we are at war with aliens then I will give you a small recap. Shooting stars appeared, rocks appeared, aliens attacked and destroyed my town and I guess most of the world, I lost Niklas and my mother. The aliens and the rocks are still appearing and today we thought another enemy but this one we knew as the enemy was human. Yes I repeat, the new enemy was human and they wanted to destroy us because they had learned from a spy or mole that I was a weapon. They only stopped when they got the eye of me and my rock which sent the running scared but I cannot save the world if humans cannot work together at the aliens. My father is so pissed as the attack came just at chef gave me permission to stay there so now they are back at talking about the future once more.


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