Day 419

Dear diary

I am seating in a truck full of soldier with tears in my eyes as I am writing this. I thought I was going to stay but less than an hour ago while I was showering the chef of the army knocked and told me to be ready to go in a hour. I did as told as he promised me that I would get time to say bye to my father but when the time was gone two soldiers just entered my room, took my stuff before a third came and took me hard. I only luckily managed to grasp my diary so I could write more events down. I told the chef when they pull me out that this was no way of treat their most powerful weapon against the aliens and he looked at me before telling he was worried that my father was the mole who had told the other army about me and that he had to send me away now because he cared for me and wanted no one to know of the operation. I am not saying he is lying but I know my father is no mole. Maybe the chef is the mole.


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