Day 421

Dear diary

Guess the past days have show me that almost dying is not the worst thing in life as my body is broken from the bad sleep that I have gotten in the truck, my mind is full of unending good byes to my father that I could not get permission to do and my eyes is hurting from the tears. My voice is gone as well for the time I tried to make the soldiers taking me back. But even all that I can still feel all the eyes from the strangers who were looking at me when I arrived at the research centre. I wanted to yell of them but my voice gone as I told you just before and I am not sure that would have helped my case of explaining them I was human like them. At least the bed I have gotten is more soft that what else I have been sleeping on in the past and no one tried to take away my rock even I overheard them saying it might be more important than me. Guess I will rest now so I can return to a more normal life tomorrow or at least I hope so. I hope my father is alive.


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