Day 433

Dear diary

Today I am not crying sad tears as I have been doing more or less for the past 14 days but now I am crying happy tears as I was running away from the test area today I ran into Dan. Dan is one of the scientist who is trying to figure out how the aliens can be beaten and how to make new guns for the army even it is a bit hard with the limited resources we have. He seems like a nice guy as he did not look at me like I am a weirdo even he knew I was the woman with the powers over the rock. We had dinner together and we talk about everything like it was the most normal thing in the world. I think he enjoyed spending time with me because he said he would as the leader of this research centre that he would like to work on my project instead of the one at the moment. I hopes he gets it because then we will be able to spend more time together plus I have one less person who looks at me weird when I try to power the rock. Guess this was my first sunshine in all the time I have been here as we are way underground to protect us from the aliens. I hope they have found out that my father is no mole as I am missing to get news from him and the army as he is still the only family I have left but now I might have gotten a friend again.


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