Day 439

Dear diary

I wonder what I have done with myself if I had not ran into Dan a few days ago as I have finally gotten a friend here at the centre and I am learning so much about the place that I did not know before. First of all we are living in an old war bunker from the cold war area which quickly was restore when the aliens started to attack but because of its placement and old equipment it was made a research centre instead of a command centre. Not sure if I should write this is my diary or not but that one is 500km from here and is built right into to mountains. I guess they are more safe there but we still have a lot of army people here. Of other things another great news is that his boss seemed to like the idea of him working with me so now we are together every day so I do not feel alone anymore even that I still miss my father. Last night I woke up from a nightmare about him being shot but I am sure that something bad would happen to me as well if they had done something against him. At least that is what I am telling myself every time I go to bed. Guess I will ask Dan tomorrow if he can help me get in contact with my father again or at least know his fate if he is dead and gone. I am so happy to have a friend and I wish we had meet the first day. I also asked the boss of Dan if I could get permission to burry my family and Niklas for good so my mind would let the go but he was to worried about the aliens at the moment to even think about my request.


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