Day 443

Dear diary

I guess I need to learn that some periods of my life will be bad while other periods of my life will be good as today Dan told me that we are going to the ground just him, me and a soldier to burry Niklas or rather a t-shirt I had from him so I can finally burry him for good and yes I know I told I did that last year but the event was taken place around aliens and not humans as now. Another great news is that I have gotten news from my father, he is still alive and they have found out he was not the mole but some other person so he is back at helping the army getting more rocks and learn about its powers. He will not visit me as the research centre I am on is too secret plus his chef found it best to have to places where the rocks and its powers are getting research as the attacks from other humans are making it a bit unsafe only to have it one place in case they have more moles. I guess I will be having a hard time sleeping tonight because of all the good things happening so quickly now. I think I will take a shower and go visit Dan now as I do not want this day to end.


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