Day 461

Dear diary

It feels good to feel love once more but still hard to kiss a person who is not Niklas, thankfully is Dan respecting me and is not forcing me to do anything I won’t do. Maybe he has lost a wife too to the aliens, I do not know, have not asked much about his life before the aliens but I know that he has a brother in the army and that his parents died long before the aliens arrived. I am so happy that the bond between us is just growing day by day. Another great news is that I made the rock fire a beam for 10 seconds or so. I am not sure of how I managed to firing so tomorrow we will start having some electrodes on my body while trying again as until now we thought the rock power was something I did like making it warm or similar but now we guess it is a feeling. Now I will go over and have some time with Dan before bedtime.


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