Day 463

Dear diary

Two days and no new progress of the rock and sounds like we need to work harder finding out what is making the rock work as my father has been injured by attacks and no I am not talking about the aliens but other humans who keep trying to get their hands on the rocks. I guess the enemy did not know that my father was the one who found the first and only rock so far because why else would they try to hurt and kill him unless they know that I am here. Normally I would not think those thought but my father told me that he had to stop sending massages to me for a while on orders from his chef. I guess I can manage now that I have Dan but still depressing to hear about other humans not helping humans but instead make the aliens job more easy. I was so pissed when I read the message about the attack that I think I scared Dan even that he does not seem like one who can be scared easily. I completely forgot to tell you that the electrodes is a funny felling to be wearing and because they need to sure that they are not disrupted I am doing the rock analyse only wearing underwear and thin t-shirt. I am sure that Dan enjoy the sight but we had to talk about that I had lost a baby before I even wanted to get so naked in front of him and the others. Anyway it is getting late.


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