Day 467

Dear diary

Life is a mix of good and bad things… I am not sure if there is any meanings in them other that get the most out of them like today. I am have been doing the best to figure out the rocks together with Dan and today we got called for a meeting with the high command or what to call them when they are all researchers of some kind or so I think. Anyway the meeting was about that they was worried about being attacked by other humans because of me and the rock. I understand that but they wanted Dan to stay her because he was not an army man and because that they would still keep the rock here, and only sending me back because they felt it would be an amazing way to trick the enemies. I was so mad that I almost threw the chair I was sitting on against them but Dan managed to calm me down and made us come out from the meeting without an escort or what else the so called high command. He tried everything to calm me down when we returned to his sleeping quarters but I feel like they are using me like some weapon and not the human that I am. Yes we are not sleeping together yet even things are going well between us plus I am not sure high command would like a woman and man to sleep together as most people are sleeping different quarters depending on what sex they are. Back to what Dan did to make quiet in the end, he kissed me and now I am flying to the moon and back as he is a great kisser and I did not have a bad taste in my mouth doing it because of Niklas. Now I can sleep in peace.


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