Day 479

Dear diary

Today we have given up on the testing of me and the rock so we asked Dan’s boss permission to leave the research centre to look for more rocks or rather that is what we are telling them. In reality we are just trying to escape the centre for a while so I can get some fresh air and we can get some time alone. We got permission to go alone as we told them it would perhaps be best to be alone up there instead of sending an entire army up there. Dan have been training to use a rifle and I got permission to talk the rock with me as I pretended that it I needed for the mission to be succeeded. I feel bad for lying to them but they was the ones who talks about sending me back to my father without Dan or the rock. I hope we find something to give them and to make my stay longer as I know I did not want to stay at first but now I will not leave without Dan. Anyway need to pack and sleep as I am sure I need it for tomorrow.


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