Day 499

Dear diary

I am not in mood to write today but guess my mood will get better if I do so here goes nothing. The reason I am down today is that the chef of my father and the boss of Dan has decide that I will get sent back to the camp because they fear that humans will attack us because they have me and the research centre is not an army so they cannot protect us and the army is busy being an army so the only way to save me and the rest of research centre is to send me back to the army. I hope they can figure out how to use the rocks I found doing the past 4 ground expeditions. If you think I am done the bad things then I am not as my father was hurt doing the last attack from the Rockys, he will live so of course I want to be with him to help him get back to his best but that means I will have to leave Dan as for some reason his boss won’t allow him to leave even that his is mainly researching me and not the stupid rocks. I wish those rocks and Rockys had stayed in space and leaved our tiny earth alone. But then again I would not have meet Dan if they had not arrived and not sure if I just miss human touch or if it is true but in some ways he is better than Niklas. I wish the bosses would allow me to decide my own life for a change.


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