Day 541

Dear diary

I do not know where to begin as it has been 14 crazy days and I am not sure what I can or cannot write in this diary as Dan and I have been captured by soldiers which I guess answers your question of how it happened. In case you are not the best at reading between the lines then we watched some soldiers arrive at our centre 14 days ago and because we had not seen any soldiers for a long time we expected it was the army which had finally learned about our fate but of course it was not them but mercenaries who had been hired by another country to find rocks and people who can use them. Luckily Dan and I cannot find out how to use them but they still keep us captured for some reason. Guess it is better than being alone against the aliens. They have been feeding me but because the person they search for is a woman Dan has not been giving nearly enough but they have been so kind to give me my diary back so I can continue the story. I am not sure they understand my language or writing.


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