Day 571

Dear diary

I am sorry that my heart is full of joy but today the aliens came and attacked the came as I expected would happen after the beautiful meteor shower 2 nights ago. It seem like the mercenaries was not ready for the aliens as I guess 5 of them died including the guard at Dan and I’s cages. I would have tried to escape if I was alone but the strength of Dan is pretty low at the moment, I think he might be sick, so I decided to stay behind with him. I hope that the next time we get a chance to run, Dan is better and everything else works out. Maybe it will happen sooner than later as I heard a few of the mercenaries talk about how they wanted twice the pay from those who hired them without talking about who hired them. The reason I am sorry that my heart is full of joy is because some of the women in other cases was killed doing the attack and even that I am bit annoyed on my fellow humans at the moment then I did not want innocent people to die but at least that might help on the amount of food we get as less mouths to feed. If Dan still not get more food than he has been getting so far I will start give him even more of mine as if he dies I have no reason to live as I worry my father is capture in another camp or worse dead as why else has he not found me yet. I am tired of people with power as they do not care of normal people. Anyway guess I will go to bed before my mood ruins my sleep.


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