Day 577

Dear diary

This morning I woke up to a loud noise and I hoped it was the aliens attacking again, giving us another chance to escape as Dan is getting better by the day we are here as the amount of food is helping battling whatever sickness he had. Anyway the noise was instead 3 helicopters full of new mercenaries plus their hires who quickly have started to check out the women in more than one way. Yes I can hear them scream in pain when the men do unspeakable things to them and the guns shots that silence them. I wish I had the rock or a gun so I could kill some of them. Dan tell me to clam down because there is nothing I can do about it but my mind is full of crazy thoughts and I wish I could end it all soon, good thing there are plenty of women in the camp so there are a small risk that they get to me anytime soon. I wish I could fly the helicopter and take Dan with me, but I can’t plus I have no clue about how they have avoided getting shot down by the aliens space ships. I wonder if they have a deal with them too. Of good news then Dan is more or less back to his formers self so I can get a bit more of my dinner again.


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