Day 641

Dear diary

Niklas and I had a talk today, his bosses wants me to learn them about how to use the rocks so we can use them against the aliens. Niklas wanted me to teach them while I was like no way, I have seen enough horror of what people can do with our own weapons and will so why should I teach them so magic rocks to make their job far more easy. Niklas says it might help me getting new friends, I guess I rather be friend less. Niklas also seemed harsh as he tried to almost force me to do it, I wonder if we even are in love anymore. I also wonder what Dan would have done if some new bosses has told him to teach them how to use the rocks. I am sure that Dan would have understood my No instead of turning harsh against me. Maybe my mood is better tomorrow so who knows if I changes my mind. Will sleep now just to end this stupid day.


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