Day 643

Dear diary

Today we was attacked by aliens and because there were so many of them I had to use the rocks to defend myself and some soldiers. Even I have still not decide to help other learn the powers it gave me some new perks or what to call them. I have gotten permission to join Niklas’s team and search for more rocks while being with him all the time instead of being at the camp with no one talk to. That is the best news I have since we have been under new management. Niklas is happy too even that some of his guys found it a bit weird to have a woman on the team when they are all men but Niklas made them agree. Maybe I can find more clues about my father place while out there as so far there have not been shooting stars for a while so I doubt we find any new rocks but I will never say never. As long I am with Niklas I do not care what the world bring against us plus his mood also changed for the better so guess he was just as tired of the bosses as me. I have been meaning to talk to Niklas about maybe try again with a baby but feels like the war against the aliens is making raising one quite hard so, so far I have decide to keep it in my head and just focus on other things. I hope my father is alive as I want him to be a grandfather.


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