Day 647

Dear diary

Today we was almost killed by a young woman around my age. I am not sure if she did by accident or really wanted to harm us but later when she tried again nothing happened. Sorry got interested in the death event that I completely forgot to tell you what happened. Well I am out on search with Niklas and it was early in the morning after a shooting star show yesterday and we was expecting aliens to attack us so we was all ready for a fight or so we though. Suddenly a bean like the one I can shoot from my rock divide our group in two without luckily killing anyone but before the soldiers had a change to fire back at crying was heard. We had found a woman who had been able to fire the rock and killing an alien in the progress. She was not sure how she did it but we are traveling home to base where I am sure the leaders will be trilled and force me to train her how to use the rocks or at least try. The woman has forgotten her name, so we decide to call her Anika until she either remembers or it will stick. I need to take care of her now as she has been hurt a bit while being on her own so have to go now.


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