Day 659

Dear diary

I forgot to write you my dear diary but need to get my head empty as it is full of nightmares of Niklas killing Dan, Dan trying to kill me and aliens running around killing all people like a soft gun war. I wish the stars could help me calm down but guess of all the time I have been focused on the sky this one has been the worst as it is so full of stars that I hope some of them is at least old satellites or other space things falling to the earth as if not then we are in deep shit. I wish Niklas was here but he had to be out on mission tonight, I will blame my life choices if he does not return. Wow it is 3am, so I guess I need to go to bed again now or I will have a hard time teaching Anika anything, before I let the pen go I want to say I wonder what her real name is, maybe Eve like the first female human according to Cristian believes.


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