Day 691

Dear diary

We are back at square one in more than one sense, the aliens is taking us out one by one and things are looking really dark now. Before I tell you why then I can say no shooting stars tonight so I can use a bit of my energy to explain you what have happen. First of all I think we are down to about half of the men we were when we was found by the army, they are not all dead but many are and those who are not are having really bad injuries. Second I am now the only one able to use the rocks again as Anika was killed today and even that we tried to revive her, her life was out of our hands. I hope I can help defend us now as I really want to have a baby some day in a peaceful world. I have still not mentions the thoughts for Niklas but I hope he will too, once this is over. I do not know what else to say other than I will keep fighting and writing this diary until my last breath, even if I have to write with my own blood.


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