Day 709

Dear diary

Niklas is still cold as ice even after explaining how sorry I am to him as it just flew out of my mouth. In case you do not remember then I by mistake called Niklas for Dan the other day and of course he wanted to know who it was and he got pretty annoyed on me plus one of his soldier coworkers as he thought that was the Dan I talked about. I told him the true story about how that he had disappeared and that I had lost our child. The only kindness I was getting was from my father and when he sent me away to the research centre, I had none plus how was I suppose to know he was alive when he had left me. Since then Niklas has been given me the coldest shoulder I have ever had in my entire life. My father say it will go over soon and it is just the war that is making him act weird. I am not so sure as things was going well between us and after the armies has joined forces we are even having time for each other. I do not know what to do to make things work out between us so for now I will just try to search for my rocks and people who can use them so we can win this war for good as those aliens is really starting to annoy me.


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