Looking back

Hello world, I am Jesper and I am a journalist from Denmark sitting in a peaceful cafe in Copenhagen, enjoying some coffee while waiting for my guest, miss Angela, to arrive. While we wait for her to arrive, let me tell you a few things about her. First of all, she is blind, but that is not the main reason I have brought her here. I am going to talk to her but she is one of the millions of people, who has escape the former peaceful country Danmian which around 18 months ago were taken over by a tyrant name Draco, which I have learned means dragon in the language Danmainsk which makes sense after all what he has done. I want to talk to Angela about how she watched her country went from one of the most peaceful countries in the world to a country which recently tested their first rocket and who knows how long before they will have nuclear powers as well. Angela has now arrived and let me first express a thanks for allowing me to be the one to do this interview and second of all, why do you want us, Danes, to hear your story? “Thank you, Jesper, I am pleased to be here and to answer your question right away then I am doing it out of one thing only and that is love, and before you ask, no I am not talking about my love for my country as I am sure many others already hav told you about this, no I am talking about my love for Alex who went from being my love of my life, to my enemy and in the end a hero for me and the million of people who has managed to escaped Draco and his forces.” You are very much welcome and I am sorry that I am just a humble journalist with no actual power. “You are wrong, Jesper, the power of the free voice is more powerful than you will ever know and maybe your report and my story will help people understand and give my people a fighting chance against Draco” I notice that your eyes almost gone and that you had a man helping you get seated, is that Alex? “I am sorry, but no… Alex gave his life for me to survive” I am sorry for your loss, do you want anything to drink or eat before you start the story? “No, thanks, maybe afterwards… if you do not have more things on your heart I would like to tell my story, which starts early morning the 1. of January, about 18 1/2 month ago. It was a beautiful morning and I remember waking up smiling as the evening before doing the fireworks at 12am I was being kissed by Alex and seconds before had promised me, he would always be mine, unknown to us however had Draco taken over the power of the country and like with magic spell, Alex was suddenly evil and I was good because of something our parents had done…”

The purple party has begun

Hello Anyone

Long time no see, today I have updated People and Story pages for The purple party as I just finished chapter 1, also known as ‘Looking back’ so enjoy and I hope to bring more to you soon even that next week I will be busy scouting. Anyway it feels good to get some words back in my fingers again after so long.

See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.