The Purple Party January Part 1

“ahh, my head is hurting like hell” thought loud Angela without thinking about the room she was in. “Yeah all our heads are” answered a drunk voice of one of her friends. “Go back to bed” another voice yell but Angela was wide awake and decided to take a shower. She picked up some cloches from her drawer and went to the bathroom, her head was still hurting a lot so she needed to check the door 3 times to figure out if it was locked or not as she did not want a drunk male friend enter while she was naked as she knew how jealous Alex was. She turned on the water and even it was still cold as ice she jumped into it and made every part of her small body feel the water as she knew it would help on her headache and maybe other things as well. She closed her eyes and felt the water slide down from her hair, down past her breasts and all the way down to her feet. She did not know how long she had been standing like this when suddenly a heavy knocking on the bathroom door awaken her. “Are you in there, Angela?” yelled Alex voice which was far from the gentle voice he normally had. “Yeah…” Angela replied a bit uncertain about what was going on as she could not think of anything bad she had done last night and the kiss they had share was still in her head so the alcohol did not clouded her mind. “Get dressed quickly… you need to see something” yell Alex. his voice was a mix of happiness and sadness. “Okay… I will hurry” Angela yelled back while she turned off the water and started to dry herself quickly so she could get dressed again. She could hear that Alex left the door again and instead the noise from TV started to fill the air.