The Purple Party January Part 2

“I am the new leader and anyone who goes against my wishes will be executed on sight, I do not give second chances” the voice from the tv sat and even that Angela was inside the bathroom and could not see the tv, she knew the voice. The voice was Alex’s father Draco. Angela could feel the air leaving her brain and she did not know how to get dressed anymore. Alex voice reappeared behind the bathroom door “Are you alright, my love?” he said with a calm voice but Angela mouth did not open and instead the word love was like a magic word making people hypnotized by an magician or similar and together with the disappearing of air from her brain made her to the ground. It didn’t hurt as she were already out when she hit the floor. Blood started to cover the floor while some heavy knocking and kicking at the door started to fill the air as Alex had heard her fall. The door suddenly gave in and in the next Alex was holding around Angela while screaming for bandages and ice bags to the drunk friends who still was shocked about the news and the naked Angela laying in his arms. One by one they woke up from the trance and soon they were all in the kitchen near the freezer getting a bag of ice together with the bandages from the nearby cupboard and almost hit the left overs from the door in attempt to be the first one back. As they got back Angela was slowly awaking again. “What… What happened?” Angela managed to say before a sharp pain filled her head as Alex was trying to bandage her head. “You fell” Alex replied calmly while trying to make their speechless friends turn off the tv so Angela could relax in her head instead of hearing more bad news. But as the sharp pain disappeared from her head, Angela was ready for more and stood up from her position of laying down against Alex’s legs and after a few second of dizziness she were standing completely naked in front of the TV watch Draco telling more about his new leadership over the country. The friends who had stood in the hall with bandages and ice was now wondering if they should look at her naked and almost perfect body or the tv with the news. Alex was the first to say something “Angela, you need to get dressed” but he had almost not finished his line before Angela without moving an eye brow had yelled back “I suppose you and your friends has all seen a naked woman before”