The Purple Party January Part 3

The friends started cheering while Alex tried to say something in return when Angela’s parents suddenly appeared on screen and killed the mood. The voice of Draco filled the room “These people have betrayed me and our common country” Alex could see the tears started to run down Angela’s cheeks and he quickly ran over to hold around her while the tv picture showed the market not far from the apartment. Angela tried to force herself free from Alex to get some of the clothes on that he were holding. Alex could feel it was a bad time to fight so he just let her get the clothes while his eyes was focused on the tv as it showed them being dragged while screaming and crying in fear. Soon a badly build gallows appeared, just as Angela had gotten dressed. “For betraying me and our country, I hear by condemn them to death for their disloyal against us” Draco voice continued and Angela was about to leave the apartment but Alex held her tight “It will be too late for you to get there and you will be only be killed for trying because of your blood” the words of Alex did calm Angela at all who turned around to get free of his grasp and slapped him hard. “Well, then use your blood to stop your father” she yelled loudly while almost sending lightings out of her eyes.