The Purple Party January Part 4

The eyes makes Alex slowly move his hand down to his pocket to pick up his phone and quickly press the number for his father before pressing call. He puts it up to his ear and listen for the calling tone to appear even he fears his father is too busy with the speech to his people. The sounds of a phone ringing appears in the TV and Draco is interrupted in his speech “Who dares calling me at this hour” he starts angry but his voice quickly changes to calm when he notice it is his son “You are calling me in a bad time son” he manages to say with a calm voice before Alex quickly replies “Yeah I watching you on live TV, let Angela’s parents go, they never did anything bad to us or the people” Draco face turns confused and his voice is even more confused “Who?” he asks before a laughter appears on his face as he knows the answer. He expect Alex to reply back but instead hears a voice who can only be Angela’s voice. “Let my parents go or you will regret it” which just makes Draco laugh even more while nothing a single thing to stop the parents getting force up the steps of the gallows one by one. Draco stops laughing and replies Angela’s screams with an ice cold voice. “Thanks for calling as now I know exactly where you are” and then he turns off the phone leaving Angela in the other end screaming loudly at the phone, Alex and the friends who had almost turned to stone because of the events happening. Draco voice counties his speech “I am sorry my dear followers for my phone call but let me assure you that everyone who stands in my way… will not live long.” Angela tried to focus herself on not screaming but she never expected her new boyfriend’s father to become a dictator and her parents getting killed on the same day.

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