The Purple Party January Part 5

The tv is back at the gallows with Angela’s parents both standing on the platform with rope around their necks waiting for the release and end off their lives. Angela finds it hard to watch, but focus her eyes on the tv to pay them their last respects. Alex is looking worried of her because of eyes is changing from being full of fear and sadness to being full of fire and revenge. Their friends on the other hand is confused about what to do as they cannot understand story being written for the history books. Draco voice is the only sound in the room “These people are now our enemies and everyone who tries to do anything me will have same fate” The sound of water entering a mouth is heard for a few seconds before his voice return “I condemn you to death, any last words?” he yells and Angela almost flies back into to sofa behind her, but quickly stands up again and touches the face of her parents though the tv screen as her father’s dry and humble voice says “I wish that Angela will have a long life” and just as his voice fates, he falls though the opening with a scream and breaks his neck instantly. Angela’s mom starts screaming on live tv and Angela wants to scream with her but her voice is gone and instead tears appears as pearls on a cord running quickly down her checks while Draco voice appears again and almost mockery ask Angela’s mother “Do you want to join your husband and soon your daughter?” the camera returns to her face but before she can reply anything to his question, the opening appears and she falls to her death in silence. The missing scream comes from Angela instead and she screams even lauder when Alex is holding around her. “You… You… You…” Angela tries to find words while getting out of Alex’s hands and pushing the TV down from the table, making it break in pieces. “You did nothing to stop your father” Angela manages to say while Alex is trying to figure out what to do with himself because of her quick actions. Alex wants to do something but as he is about to say something a heavy knocking is heard on the door. A friend goes to hall to opening the door while Angela quickly calms herself as she has a bad feeling about what is going on. “Who is it?” the friend ask gentle while getting closer to the door and a voice yells “It is the police” and before the friend can reply anything gunshots fills the air and his body falls to the ground. Alex looks at Angela and the other friend for a second before forcing the friend away from them and pushes Angela inside the bedroom while the friend is heard screaming “She is here, so come and get her” Alex locks the door to the bedroom and quickly answer Angela’s questioning face “They won’t shoot me because I am my father’s son but I am not sure what they will do with you, so escape while you can” he pushes her to the balcony and helps her up on the small edge walk between the windows, so she can escape. In the meantime another group of shots fills the air and the friend who just screamed she was here is heard screaming in pain before a last shot silence him. Angela kisses Alex before disappearing on the edge and try to escape as quickly as she can. She hears the door to the bedroom getting broke down and the police man voice yelling something of Alex who yells something back. Angela tries to focus on walking the small edge but her mind is everywhere else and suddenly she slips but the fear of revealing herself, she manages to keep herself quiet as she falls. To her luck she lands in a truck full of grains but still the landing knocks her out.

In the meantime back at the apartment is the police man and Alex arguing. “Even you father’s is the new leader of our country I am sure he is not please to know that you helped the daughter of his enemy” Alex just laughs “Properly not but at least you only killed my friends and not me which would have made it your mess and not mine. Besides who says anything about helping her, I could have been capture by her and my so called friends and who do you think my father would believe” The face of the police man went from red to white and he calmed himself before excused himself. “Bring some people to clean this mess” he yelled as he reach the living room and Alex was just standing in the bedroom wondering if Angela managed to escape and if anyone wanted to be friends with him again after getting 2 killed.

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