Welcome back

Hello Anyone

I wonder if welcome back in the right words as it is not you who have been gone but me. Anyway I will be posting less posts here as I have decide to move my mind to craft which is a piece of software which allows me to update my ideas in real-time while sharing them with you. I will still tell you when major events like a new chapter or something happen but otherwise you just need to stick around on my craft pages to figure out my entire progress. Today I have also publish the first text in a long time called the Window and I find it a bit hard to figure out if poem, short story or just my crazy mind needed something out but please enjoy. I have also made myself a goal of for october saying I need to write at least 10.000 words, which covers both poems, shorts stories or something on my novels, but post like this news does not.

Thanks for now and all of those who have followed my progress here so far.

See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.

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