About Me

Name: Jesper T. Christiansen

Age & zodiac signs: 33 years old (28-01-1989), Aquarius (western zodiac) and Earth dragon (Chinese zodiac)

World: Odense, Denmark

Work: Having a normal job as IT-support, which is mainly my position, but I do a lot inside and outside the company

Free-time: Free-time writer, who spends time in front of the computer playing lot of games or in front of the tv watching lots of movies. I am also an outdoor person who walks 15km extra each week and is a scout leader for the 6–8-year-olds.

Traits: Has Asperger’s syndrome but still do great and is friendly, goodhearted, sharing, helpful, smiling & laughing and caring.

Life quotes: “I rather be weird than normal as if we all were normal, life itself would be boring” by myself

Top 4 books: Dune Series, Themis Files Series, Ready Player One Series and Where Eagles Dare

Top 4 movies: Adam, Deadpool, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Try Seventeen

Top 4 bands: Mike Oldfield, Nik Kershaw, Rammstein and Silent Circle

Top 4 songs: America, Love is just a word, Moonlight Shadow and Can’t Go Back Now

Top 4 series: Atypical, Eureka, Fringe and X-files

Top 4 games: Crash Bandicoot Series, Grim Dawn, Northgard and Settlers Series

Top 4 software: Apollo, Headspace, Moodistory and WaterMinder