One of those days

I am one of those guys who people have been called a nerd for centuries but one of those days that always happens in comics happened to me. I did not become a superhero or super villain, I became a God and no it was not that I got unlimited power and such things, I…More

No review but updated book

Today I have no review as I do not know what to review but instead I have update my ideas a bit so now you can read idea even longer if you want. I have also gotten an awesome cover for my book from David Aragón which you can already find on the story page…More

Software review of Remembear

Paid review: No (Standard) Name: RemembearDeveloper: TunnelBear LLCVersion: 1.4.16Platforms: EverywherePrice: Free to download and use all you want but if you want it sync it cost $35.99 a year or $5.99 a month The app is a service for you to easy keep control of all your passwords, credit cards and notes. I use it for…More

Software review of Slowly

Paid review: No (Standard) Name: SlowlyDeveloper: Slowly Communications Ltd.Version: 6.2.11Platforms: iOS, Android, WebPrice: Free to download and use all you want but if you want to support them it cost $42.99 a year, while you also can buy coins to buy new stamps. The app take a place in my heart and I have only…More

Movie Review Adam (Spoilers)

Paid review: Nope, paid for the movie myself Name: AdamRelease year: 2009Runtime: 99minsDirector: Max Mayer, known from Better living and AliasMain actor: Hugh Dancy, known from Hannibal and King ArthurMain actress: Rose Byrne, known from X-Men: Apocalypse and Spy Story: The movie is about a boy named Adam who has Asperger’s and loses his father.…More

Hardware review of Nimbus+

Paid review: No (Standard) Name: Nimbus+Creator: Steelseries Platforms: iOS, MacOS, TvOSPrice: 69.99usd First time in a long time that I am reviewing some hardware, but I really felt the need to do it when I got it. Lets us get the bad things away first, it has some bug that make you connect to your…More

Software review of Paper

Paid review: No (Standard) Name: PaperDeveloper: Mihhail LapushkinVersion: 1.11 (iOS) 2.28 (MacOS)Platforms: iOS, MacOSPrice: Free to download and use but if you want it all, it cost a one time fee of 49.99usd for MacOS, $8.99 for iPhone and $17.99 for iPad The app is a super simple writing app where you pick a place…More

Software review of Usage

Paid review: No (Standard) Name: UsageDeveloper: Oleh StasulaVersion: 4.7.0Platforms: iOSPrice: Free to download but $2.99 for the pro version which allow you to compare iPhones and amounts various tips. The app is a pretty simple app as it a way to see anything you ever wanted to know about your phone. It shows you your…More

Software review of Infuse

Paid review: No (Standard) Name: InfuseDeveloper: FireCoreVersion: 6.5.2Platforms: iOS, TvOS, Romours about a future MacOSPrice: Free to download and use but if you want it all it is either a subscription at $0.99 for monthly, Yearly $9.99 Infuse Pro or Lifetime $59.99 The app is a movie player which packs everything you need from downloading…More

No review today

No review or part today as my mind cannot think and I told you I am going to game all weekend so see you with a real post Monday.More

The blind Passenger

“See you tomorrow, Andy” Was the last thing Andy heard as he plugged in some music to enjoy the silence after a rough day at work. He was seating in the train like always and the rain was washing the window as the scenery started to fly faster past him. What a lovely weather he…More

Software review of Apollo

Paid review: No (Standard) Name: Apollo for RedditDeveloper: Christian Selig former Apple employeeVersion: 1.10.3 on iOS (requires iOS 12.0)Platforms: iOSPrice: Free to download and use but if you want extra features and cool stuff check the prices in the pictures bellow This app is the best app there is for Reddit and it is so…More

Movie Review The Last Starfighter (Spoilers)

Paid review: Nope, paid for the movie myself Name: The Last StarfighterRelease year: 1984Runtime: 101minsDirector: Nick Castle, known from The Boy Who Could Fly and Delivering MiloMain actor: Lance Guest, known from Favorite Son and Jaws: The RevengeMain actress: Catherine Mary Stewart, known from Night of the Comet and Star Rock Story: The movie is…More

Book review of Gådemagerens Gade (Spoilers)

Paid review: No (Standard) but it is my coworker’s who has written it Name: Gådemagerens GadeLength: 389 pagesWriter: Jes BarklerPublisher: Independently publishedSeries: NonePrice: 48usd in paperback Story: In the story we meet Emma who lives with her father, buys a old booklet because she was trying to escape some annoying class mates in an antic…More

Movie review of Tenet (Spoilers)

Paid review: Nope, paid for the ticket myself Name: TenetRelease year: 2020Runtime: 150minsDirector: Christopher Nolan known from Batman Begins, Interstellar, DunkirkMain actor: John David Washington known from BlacKkKlansmanMain actress: Elizabeth Debicki known from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Story: The movie is about a man, starts working for an organization…More

Software review of Drops & Scripts

Paid review: No (Standard) Name: Drops & ScripsDeveloper: PLANB LABS OUVersion: 35.7 for Drops and 8.4 for Scripts on iOS 8.4 Platforms: iOS, Android and webPrice: 10usd a month or 69,99usd a year. The apps are very simple to learn and use as they are very finger freindly but lets us start with drops: Drops…More


I think without thoughtI scream without soundI write without word Maybe… I breath without airI taste without foodI drink without water Maybe.. I fear without knowledgeI hate without justiceI stop without moving Maybe. I hurt without knowingI dream without seeingI love without feeling But you are what keeps me trying again and again Written by Jesper…More

Book review of After the… (Spoilers)

Paid review: No (Standard) but got the first after showing interest Name: After the bombs fell, After the train leftLength: 345 pages, 292 pagesWriter: Elyzabeth JohannaPublisher: Independently publishedSeries: 2 so far, 3rd on the way Price: 1usd & 2usd as ebooks, while 13usd in paperback Story: The story follows Ve, and her life in a…More

Software review of Headspace

Paid review: No (Standard) Name: Headspace: Meditation & SleepDeveloper: Headspace Inc.Version: 3.125.0 on iOS (requires iOS 12.0)Platforms: iOS, Android and webPrice: 12,99usd a month or 69,99usd a year. Now that we have the boring part of the review out of the way I would like to features. What better way to do that other than…More

Colors of the Rainbow

RedRedRed isRed is loveRed is love andRed is love and romanceRed is love and romance butRed is love and romance but alsoRed is love and romance but also blood YellowYellowYellow isYellow is sunYellow is sun andYellow is sun and warmthYellow is sun and warmth butYellow is sun and warmth but alsoYellow is sun and warmth…More