New simple design + bye discord server

I have changed a bit on the design again and I have decided to kill my discord server as it was more or less death anyway, but still have my discord if you want to write or chat with me. I am also thinking of focusing 100% on my novel again but will keep an…More

Happy new year and a great christmas

Hello anyone Today I have returned and have already added a new part for you guys to read. I feel so alive again as guess I needed the holiday. I hope you had a great new years party and a great christmas. I have gotten some awesome presents, a Click and grow garden and a…More

Mind dead once more

My mind is dead once more after working from home, not that I am complaining that I can do that but it makes it hard to get the air I normally get from walking around 6km to and from work. So guess I will just go on christmas holiday from here until 1. or maybe…More

Super tired after long day

Sorry I have a long day at work after train delayed and scout leader meeting so is super tired so will try to find time to do review tomorrow. I am sorry I am having so much stuff this weeks but will try to be here soon enought.More