Chapter 003 – The old man

Chapter 3 – The old man cover made by David Aragón

The sun raised up slowly in the east and 000001 woke up in her bed from the heat. 000001 felt the bed and looked confused around in her room before she got dressed and looked out of the window. Shinobe looked like itself, no burning buildings or people screaming of pain. “Had it all been a nightmare?” 000001 asked herself in silence as she walked out the door of her room. “Seems like it” she continued talking to herself as she decided to tiptoe past her mother’s room to get to the armoury, but to her surprise the armoury was full of her father’s equipment so she tiptoed back to her room to hide that she had been in the armoury, in the first place. 000001 stretched herself before she walked to her mother’s room and knocked on the wooden door and waited for an answer. She looked around and enjoyed the sunlight coming from the morning sun but no reply answered from behind the door so she knocked once more just as the head eunuch appeared. “miss 000001, your mother and father is already up and out in the home of ancestors renewing their vows in front of your ancestors after being away from each other for so long” the head eunuch said and tiny tears filled up 000001 eyes and instead of replying she hugged him deeply “miss 000001, something wrong?” the head eunuch asked astonished as hugging was not normal for him. “Oh, sorry I just missed you” 000001 said as she let go of him and almost flew away to the home of ancestors. As she reached the home of ancestor, her smile grew as there was her mother and father sitting on a pillow each, drinking matcha tea from the same cup like she has seen them done many times over the years and maybe soon it was her time. 000001 moved closer to as they both turned their heads against her. It gave a set in 000001, as their eyes were black as the night and she wanted to scream, but her father’s gentle voice calmed her down. “I am sorry that I was not there to protect you or your mother from the attackers, but I see your strength is keeping you alive” 000002 said and the words were almost as a command as 000001 walked closer to them. “Yes, my child, even that I preferred you was going to get married away, I knew your strengths, which was why I never stopped you in your morning training” 000003 continued like she and 000002 were one person. 000001 heard steps behind her and as she turned around the head eunuch appeared with dark eyes too, but the darkness did not scare her anymore and instead, she greeted him as the live version of him. The head eunuch bowed to them all with words before kneeling down, still in silence. Suddenly with a quick movement he pulled forward a sword which 000001 knew well. The sword of heaven, the family sword she had been carrying and used against the soldiers trying to capture her. The thought of them all being death in the actual world made a tear appear in her eyes, but before she could say anything, her father spoke once more. “Do not worry for us, my child, we did anything to make you the woman today, so carry on the family legacy and use the sword against all your enemies” 000001 reached out for the sword but a burning pain filled her hand and she dropped it, making it fall down the stairs from the home of ancestors and when she screamed in pain, no calm voice from her parents appeared but instead a dry cold voice filled her mind and almost froze her in fear. “You are not escaping that easy” it said and 000001 tried to turn around against it and slowly managed to do so, just to watch the home of ancestors in full flames with her parents sitting inside as bones. “We will protect you” her father’s voice spoke from the flames and the now boney hands handed her the sword again. This time the sword was not warm, and the flames became small once more and turned into a small fireplace in front of her. The mix of fear, joy, warmth and cold made her body uncomfortable, and she wanted to scream loudly to release herself from it all. In the last moment, she stopped as she suddenly remembered everything that had happened so far and that the world was no longer safe as even she was still alive there was nothing to indicate if her saviour was good or evil. 000001 closed her eyes to focus on the events that had already happened and as she went thought them, she thought of her parents as even it had been a dream, it might had been the last time she would see them together. A small tear ran down from her closed eye as she knew they were death by now as the arrows came from near the campsite of her father’s training grounds and she had left her mother back at the house even she wanted to bring her along. Another tear ran down and she wanted to dry her eyes when it suddenly hit her again, she did not know anything about the result of the fight between the soldiers and the man so they could have won and was just waiting for her to wake up so they could hurt her again before bring her home to their leader and even if the man had won, he could be evil too and with a half-closed eye she looked at the surroundings but the sky was dark and the flames made it hard to see anything. 000001 closed her eyes again for a moment to focus on the sounds around her, but other than the sounds from the flames burning thought the wood, silence filled the area. The silence made her more brave, and she opened her eyes even wider than before and started to look around at the surroundings and the first she noticed was her family sword standing in the mud with the medallion around its handle. “I need those to defend myself, if I get a chance to escape” 000001 said whispering to herself as her eyes continued to search the area for the old man or the soldiers, but she seemed alone which made her mind start thinking about what to do next. Her body was faster than her mind as in the next she stood up and was about to move against the sword and medallion when an icy wind revealed blew against her naked skin. She still wanted to move and get her stuff but the icy wind grew stronger before it became a pain and as she looked down herself she watched the bandages which had replaced her cloches. “The man has save me” she managed to think before the pain became to unbearable and she fell to the ground with a mix of glad and sad tears. She felt a blanket under her and the new warmth made her yarn and her mouth moved “I cannot sleep…” she managed to say before suddenly her eyes closed again before she even noticed how tired she were. The darkness in her dream took her by surprise as last one had been full of colors. “Hello” she yelled trying to hide the pain which slowly grew inside her but except for a voice, it started to rain with small but heavy drops, making the pain grow even faster and soon she had tears in her eyes. She started walking around to find herself somewhere to cover from the rain, but it was just darkness upon darkness. Suddenly something appeared in edge of her eyes and she walked against it and yelled “Hello” and for a moment her ears picked up some kind of music which filled her with joy. The pain in her body made her walk slower and slower before forcing her down on four, making continue to crawl against the object her eyes had picked up. The object came closer and closer even soon she could see what it was. It was a gate and not just any gate, but it was the entrance to her home and it was dark like everything else around her. 000001 swallowed her breath before she used the gate to return to standing so she could watch farther once more. Suddenly a pair and of hands took a hard grip in her from behind and the mix of surprise and pain made lungs prepare for a long scream but before she could let it out another pair covered her mouth which made her want to scream even more and she tried to bite the fingers of her attacker. Bodies appeared in the darkness as the rain suddenly stopped and the darkness disappeared even faster, turning all white and light instead, making 000001 close her eyes and relaxed for a moment when she felt the hands differed from normal hands. She wanted to open her eyes again but before she could, an extra pair of hands covered them and as she started to resist more hands appeared before they covered her from top to toe except around her nose, allowing her to breathe.“You did this to us” a mixed female and male voice said loud like it was inside her head as the hands did a good job blocking her ears too and 000001 tried to get free so she could answer but the hands held her tight, forcing her mind to think wild. “Who are you?” She thought while trying to escape the hands so she could find the person who spoke “I am everybody and I am nobody” the voice answer prompted which surpriced 000001 as she knew the thought had not escape the hands as words. “Where are you?” She thought attemping to figure out what had happened and not long after the voice replied “I am everywhere and I am nowhere” 000001 decided to try thinking without letting the voice know her next question before she was ready herself but the voice just continued “You cannot hide your mind or body from me, no matter what you do or where you go” the voice said as it slowly dying out and the hands disappeared one by one too until she was back at the fire place, in the rain. 000001 looked around, not sure if she were still in dreamland or the actual world even with the fireplace, rain and the pain in her body. A breach brakes in the forest floor behind 000001 who takes no chances and tries to get standing up. Her body gets full of pain just by trying so it stops her from moving at all and instead she closes her eyes to keep the appears of being asleep. “Are you awake?” A dry voice suddenly appears behind her and before she can reply she can feel the warmth of a blanket covering her body again. She wants to scream in fear but instead of her mouth, she opens her eyes and looks directly at the face of an old man, who cannot be one of the soldiers. They look at each other for a moment before 000001 watched the old man’s hands move against her and she screams loudly, which makes the hands move fast and cover her mouth. “Shhhh, I mean no harm, but the forest is listening” the old voice says and 000001 calms down so the old man can remove her hands again before he turns his focus at the fire and puts on a piece of wood so the flames grow even higher. “Have you lost your tongue?” The old man says as he starts walking over to the other side of the fireplace where the sword is standing. 000001 wants to answer but her voice is silence so the old man continues “I think, this is yours” and takes a hold around the medallion hanging on the sword and walks back against 000001 who still lies on the ground. The old man holds it out against 000001 for her to take it but before she is able to move the old man reminds himself. “Right, I forgot about your crash with the branch for a moment, you know old heads, forgets important things from time to time” He took the medallion around his neck and with the free hands he started to make 000001 able to sit up against the tree stump. 000001 made faces but it was worth the pain to get up from the muddy ground. “Thanks” it flew out of her as her voice finally returned and the old man smiled for a bit before he place the medallion around the neck of 000001. “My name is 000004 and before I let you tell me yours, I need to tell you, that the horse did not make it” 000004 said as he place himself on the other side of the fireplace. 000001 could feel the tears ready to jump out of her eyes but she managed to keep them inside and reply “My… My horse… The… The men?” She managed to stutter before 000004 looked away from her and into the fire instead as he replied without a single feeling in his voice “Death” and 000001 could feel fear grow inside her but 000004 quickly continued “Sorry, they was young men and it is a waste to kill people but I know they were the enemy and you are one of the good guys or women so do not worry at all” 000001 did her best to smile even that the fear and sadness was already taking much of the place inside her. 000001 tried to push the feelings away and focus on the present for a moment but the old man continued. “You did not answer my question about who you were, but I know the medallion so you much be a 000001” 000001 tried to smile again but the pain in her chest grew so the tears she had tried to hold back started running. “I am sorry, did not mean to hurt you, guess you rather want to rest some more before telling me what have happened” 000004 said and 000001 liked his calmness and respect but with two dreams so fast after each other, she did not want more sleep so without think she just replied “No more sleep for me” in a hard voice. And in the next she found herself apologising “Sorry I did not mean it that harsh… I am sure am a 000001, as I 000001 and my father was 000002” the old man just smiled and nodded back across the fireplace as the last rain drops fell and hit the ground. “How long was out?” 000001 quickly asked as she started to fell better about the man, and 000004 replied quickly “Well, it was around lunch time as my belly was rumbling like it also does around that time and now I have already eaten dinner and was supposed to be asleep by now so 8 hours give and take” the reply made 000001 laugh but the movements made it hurt even more so tears ran again. “That reminds me, I guess you are hungry” 000004 continued and stood up before walking over to a horse standing close to the fireplace and 000001 had not even notice it doing her plans for escape. “Here, eat this” 000004 said and walked over to her some bread, there was not much so 000001 looked worried at 000004 who just smiled and replied “Eat, I am sure, we find some before we need some again” and 000001 smiled back and eat it as fast as her body could handle it. “So if you do not need more rest, do you then care to tell me why a 000001 is on the run from soldiers as when I know your father is mighty general and your mother is a former concubine to the emperor himself” 000004 asked and looked at 000001 had already almost had eaten all the food that she had been given. 000001 closed her eyes to prevent the tears from running again and afterwards she swallowed the food, but instead of answering the question, she replied with her own. “How do you know so much about me?” Which made 000004 laugh as he really expected her to answer his question now. “Well I was an advisor for the emperor as I have trained many of his most important men including your father… you should have seen him back in the day when he met your mother the first time” 000004 said while still smiling. 000001 tried to smile to, but the thoughts of explaining the events to this stranger was trying to control her so she took a deep breath and looked at him with the most serious eyes she had ever had and said “I do not know much, but…” she held a break to focus even more and continued “But, today was the day my father and the men of the town Shinobe was supposed to get home again after 3 months, in the training camp” she stopped as she could see that 000004 eyes turned slowly lifeless and his smile had disappeared “Go on, child… Do not mind me” 000004 said with a dry and almost cold voice. “If you have ever been in Shinobe before you know that there is a small hill outside and there I was supposed to meet my father but instead one of our servants came to bring me home and in the next the town was under attack. My mother had prepared the family horse when I finally got home and she sent me away to the emperor’s palace but already when I got outside the gate, the quest was doomed as enemy soldiers followed me and almost captured me if you had not save me after I had the branch” she took a few breaths to get air inside her body again as she had talks so fast that she had forgotten to breath. She looked at 000004 and noticed a small tear run down his check but before she could open her mouth and say more about what had happened, the man stood up and started kicking to the fire like he tried to kill it. 000001 had to move quickly as piece of wood had direction again her and the blanket, making the pain almost yell of the 00004 but he replied “Sorry, my mind was somewhere else but I promise you that I will help you and train you like I did your father before you as even you have not mentioned him at all, I know where this story ends, so feel my deepest feelings and now we need to go to the palace before it is too late.” 000001 did not understand the plan in his words at first so she just continued to eat the bread even more slowly when the old man suddenly took around her back and tried to make her standing. “It hurts” 000001 screamed and dropped the bread before the old man also almost dropped her. “Sorry, but we need to go now so here let me help you to the horse”and they slowly walked their way against the horse. Just as they was a few metres from it, the horse whinnied and a scream from the other side of the fireplace was heard. “Who was that?” 000001 managed to say before she felt the hands of 000004 disappear and soon she landed on the ground with a small bomb and pain filled her entire body. She wanted to scream off pain but before she even opened her mouth another scream filled the air and she looked around and caught a man attacking 000004 with a sword, who had already picked up his own sword. “Get up and get on the horse” 000004 yelled against 000001 as he swung his sword against the man who surely was a soldier from the same place as those who had followed her before. Blood filled the man’s mouth before he fell to the ground while 000004 rushed on to the next soldier trying to reach them. 000001 did as told and tried to stand but the pain from the fall to away her strength quicker than she could reach the top of the horse and the screams from soldiers around her made it hard to take the time she needed to do it slowly. Suddenly a soldier appeared next to her and before she could scream for help the man slapped her with his sword in hand and she landed near the fireplace and away from the horse. The flames and pain keeps her awake but her voice was gone, so she had no chance of her yelling for help and beside she could see him being busy with other soldiers. “Think, think” she thought over and over to herself trying to force herself to get an idea when suddenly her eyes caught the only savour in her way, the sword of heavens which still was laying on the her old place on the ground and she started to crawl against it when a laughter behind her filled the air. “Where are you going?” The voice said and she could feel a pair of hands trying to get a grasp on her legs making fear grown inside her which started to take control of her pain, making tears run from her eyes in silence. She tried to move faster but the man behind held her back and she had to kick out backwards to keep him from controlling her but everything small movement was taking more and more of her strength. “Leave me alone” She tried to yell but her voice was still far from strength but her kicking managed to keep him at bay. Suddenly she felt the hands on her back and before she could do anything the man had turned her around against her back leaving her defenceless and the laughter returned. “I am sure that the lords would not mind I take a small taste before handing you over” 000001 hands still tried to move forward without her eyes helping her when she finally felt it. A smiled appeared her face and the soldier stopped and was about to open his mouth to laughter once more before 000001 swing the sword though the air and hit the man in the head who without a sound landed next to her. Her body filled with fear of how she could make herself do such things but before she could stop herself she was standing up without any pain at all. Her eyes changed from the kind blue eyes to a pair of black eyes with no light left in them and then she jumped crossed the fireplace like it was not there to begin with. “000001” 000004 managed to say before she cut down the second soldier like with the sword like her knife was cutting though butter. The reaming soldiers looked at her and even that they were still having the upper hand, some of them had fear in their eyes when the leader yelled “Capture her now” and two soldier pulled their swords and ran against her. At first it seem like that she did not care about the two men but just as the two swords was about to hit her, she blocked the attack and killed a third who has just been standing watching the whole thing. The two men was surprised of her focus and attacked again but stopped as 000001 started to lick the blood directly form the sword and even 000004 felt a fear grow inside him. The leader yelled something obscure and the two men looked at each other and at 000001 as she had almost cleaned the sword for blood already. They looked back at each other and was about to raised their swords when 000001 killed them both by swing the sword once against them and jumped on like everything was a flower field. The leader had gotten enough of dead soldiers and yelled to 000001 “Give up or we kill you friend here” and the voice made 000001 focus at him and she slowly moved over to them but stopped at sword length form them. “I dare you” she said with a deep voice and 000004 could feel the sword getting closer to his throat and he was about to yell to 000001 who was still standing like she did not care at all. Suddenly the edge of a shaft hit 000001 in the nick from another soldier and with a scream she fell to the ground. 000004 wanted to help her so he kicked backwards and managed to hit the leader so he lost his grip on the sword and gave him the chance to help 000001 who were shooting her head. “What happened?” 000001 said with a her normal voice and when her eyes meet 000004, her eyes had too turned normal and now they had returned to the scared ones instead of the fear some ones. The soldier behind the strike looked confused about what just had happened to the female killer but he quickly regained focused and took no chance and started to strike against 000001. Just as the sword was about to hit her, 000004 had managed to reach her sword and block the attack. “Get up” he yelled as he finished off the man so the blood hit 000001 who started screaming instead of licking it like before. “I said, get up… I will tell you everything afterward, but now we has to survive this first” The soldiers could see that the fearless and dangerous woman had turned into a harmless sheep and started to surround them from all sides. 000001 could feel the pain in her body grow inside by the thought of even trying to stand but forced herself up and looked at the men. “Here are your sword” 000004 said as he handed over the sword of heavens and as she felt a power grow inside her, which made 00004 make big and scared eyes because he feared that she would turn into a demon once more but the eyes stayed the same and her voice was still female. “Something wrong?” 000001 asked and 000004 shook his head quickly before returning focus on the three soldier nearing them as their leader yelled “Remember our masters want them alive” and the men attacked but even 000001 had never been a real fight before she swung the sword around like she was the born warrior and the fear in her eyes seemed far away until the blood of the first soldier flew thought the air. “What are you doing men? Get them, you have trained all and you are being beaten by a girl and an old foul.” The leader yell loudly while new men joined the circle as 000004 also managed to beat one. 000001 looked up in the sky and wondered what her parents would think of her killing people but suddenly remember words from her father. “Killing can be both a good thing and a bad thing… it all depends on who swings the sword and who is the target and I hope you will never need to kill anyone but know this… even I am scared when swinging the sword” and the words made her grow even more brave and she returned to the fight one more and quickly out did two men who had taken her lost focus as a chance to get close to her. The horse neighed and 00001 could see thought the flames, some men trying to get it to follow them away from the fight so she jumped across the fire to stop the attempt. The pain grew inside her like a lightning but still remained standing and swung the sword against the soldiers who blocked the attack but still had to let go of the horse. The horse neighed and tried to escape the men by jumping over the flames and by pure luck hit a man so he flew into another instead of having a chance to attack 000004. The leader laughed and used to chance to join the fight as he slowly walked from his position to 000001 who still was busy with the two men. “Leave her to me” he said with a voice and the soldiers took some step back before joining the other remaining soldiers. “I have never thought a girl before… maybe you can show me what I am missing” but just as he was about to strike screams filled the air and when he turned around two of the men was running around with fire in their clothes and jumped around like mad men. In between it all was 000004 ridding against 000001 and the leader and with a quick movement he managed to get 000001 on to the horse and escape the battlefield in one piece. The leader looked a bit around on the mess that had happened while he thought about how he should tell the leaders that he had lost the kid, they wanted. 00001 looked up at 00004 as they continued thought the forest as fast the horse could carry them but before she could think or saying anything a tiredness hit her and she fell asleep while holding her arms around the old man. 000004 smiled to himself of joy that they had escaped but his mind was full of fears about what to do with the girl after she had revealed her inner demons. In the meantime back at the place they had left were the soldiers cleaned up the mess they had made in the forest and started walked back to Shinobe were smoke started to take control over the town after the fires. There were still screams heard form women but otherwise the town was silence as all the birds had left. 000010, 000011 and 000012 was all walking around in the town together with a group of soldier while they watched the soldiers taking all the pleasures they could find and destroyed the remaining useless stuff. Two soldiers came walking against them with a woman between them and 000010 smiled when he noticed who it was. “So my little flower, do you want to see your husband?” He asked with a voice full of laughter and walked over to the woman who did not answering him and just looked at the ground like nothing had happened. “Are you listening, flower?” 000010 said a bit annoyed compared to the first time and started to carries the head of the woman. “My husband will kill you for this” 000003 said with a dry voice before she lifted her head and spit some blood in his face which made 000010 angry and he pulled her head upwards and pulled his sword but instead of cutting her, he turned around and killed a soldier who had been standing laughing of the events. “More morons who want to meet my sword up close?” He yelled out in the now silent assemblage but it did not last long as soon 000003 started laughing even after the two men holding her tried to make her feel pain instead. “I asked you if you wanted to see, your husband again” 000010 yelled while turning back against her and she just continued laughing and replied “Even your men, do not respect you so why do you expect me to”, she wanted to say more but a body flew thought the air and landed just so she could see the face of the man and suddenly her mouth was quiet and tears started o run down her checks instead. “Did the dragon take your tongue, miss 000003” 000010 said and joy had returned to his voice once more. 000010 took his sword and started cut some of 000003 to try make her scream but her mouth stayed closed while the tears started to hit the ground more and more. All the men and woman laughed of her and continued laughing as 000010 commanded “Throw her next to him” and without chance to block, she landed on the ground beside her death husband. But instead of scream of pain she focused for a moment and said without any fear in her voice “You will pay for this, not just pay but lose everything you own including your life” the words killed the laughing for a while before 000010 bending down against her and continued his laughter as he replied “Who is going to stop me, I killed my own father for being a weakling after he lost to your man and my uncle is the emperor but I can assure you that he won’t be anymore soon” A yelling started to fill the air and at first it was not understandable but as it got closer it was his named which was being yelled “000010, 000010… The soldiers has returned” 000010 looked at 000003 and at his siblings before he continued his speech “Just in time, now I can finished off the family that tried to ruin mine long ago, but also learned that if you want something done, you have to do it yourself and for that I am very grateful and even I am the one doing the talking I am sure my siblings feel the same way” the leader and the two remaining soldiers appeared. “We are back, my lord” the leader said and the eyes of 000010 turned harsh as everyone could hear the fear in the voice and as he turned around he noticed it right away, 000001 was missing. “Where are the girl?” Broke 000011 in before his brother could make his tongue twist to say the words. “I can handle this, my dear brother” 000010 said with a calm voice before his voice became as stone and continued “Where are the girl?” 000010 said as his eyes focused on the leader as he took a step forward against the men. “We lost her in the forest, she got help escaping” the leader said without loosing his tongue even that it still had fear in it. A small smiled appeared on 000003 face, her daughter had survive and was getting closer to the emperor’s palace for every second but before she could say something against 000010 pain started to fill her and instead of mocking, she screamed of pain. “I am sorry, but things need to hurt before things can become good” 000010 said while holding her face up so he could look directly into her eyes and then without warning her turned around against the leader and penetrated his chest with his sword. The two soldiers took a step back in horror but before they could say anything to defend themselves of their failure, they were cut down from behind by 000011 and 000012 who had joined the blood bath. The killing scared the ones holding 000003 and she did not waste the chance to muck 000010 “One little grain of rice lost is enough to destroy a kingdom” and just as the words had left her mouth, 000010 turned around and with a bloody sword in hand, he struck and the only sound heard was the head hitting the ground a last time. “No one mucks me and lives… I thought you knew that already, well too late now” 000010 said to the head of 000003 while cleaning the sword for the blood before he returned it into the sheath and turned around against his siblings who had watched it all. “My dear siblings, we need to make plans… Meet me in the strategy tent in 5mins, I will bring the map and everything else needed.” 000010 said calmly and bowed to his siblings who in silence bowed back. 000011 was the first to leave the screen and 000012 was about to do so too but a quick hand from 000010 grasped her and pulled her close. “5mins is plenty of time” 000010 said clam while his eyes enjoyed the body of 000011 who smiled and sent a signal to the nearby soldiers that they should leave the screen. “Finally we are alone, my lord” 000012 said with a sweet voice and smiled as they started to talk against the strategy tent. They kissed quickly before they was in sight of the guards guarding the strategy tent which had been place on the hill not far from the town. “Map” yelled 000010 and 4 men ran inside the tent starting to spread out a big map of Xion’s islands while 000010 whispered sweet words into 000012 ears before he became serious and awaited their brother’s arrival. The brother entered the tent just as they had become serious. “Now that we are all here, I am ready to start the meeting” 000010 said calmly and looked at the map. “As you all know, then we are here in Shinobe which used to be home of the emperor’s most trusted general but now he is death and the only left over is his child, I want her death too” 000010 calmly said while he pointed at the map. He nodded to a servant who quickly ran around and gave each of them a cup of wine while he prepared to continued his speech “We need to make sure of three things. 1. We need to capture the harbour in Funanai so our uncle cannot escape or bring fresh troops from allies to him. 2. We need to capture the capital Kuzuyama and with it the emperor so we can rule the country… Cheers” 000010 said as he noticed that they all was having the wine. 000011 was the first to break the silence after the drinking. “What is the 3rd thing?” He said calmly and looked at 000010 who quickly finished drinking and replied “Kill the last heir of 000002 family so we destroyed everyone in the family as revenge of him killing our mother.” A smiled appeared on 000011 face and he quickly replied “I will do that” but 000010 quickly replied with a calm voice “Sure, my dear brother but I need you to complete the mission of taking the harbour in Funanai first as we need that secured right away” but even his calm voice was not enough to keep 000011 from becoming annoyed. “Why is it always me, who has to do the boring stuff… I want to revenge our mother just as much as you” 000011 said angry and threw the remaining wine on the floor before the servant appeared with a new cup and some fresh wine. “No need to be angry my dear brother, I know you feel the same as I and our sister do so too let us make a deal” 000010 said calmly before drinking the remaining wine is his cup and was about to continue when 000011 got inpatient and replied “what deal?” He said and pulled forward his sword from his back and angrily force it into the ground expecting to sweeting the deal but 000010 was nowhere close of being scared of him and quickly sent the guards away before 000011 had a chance to notice their movements. “My dear brother, please behave, we have already lost too many people so let me finish…” 000010 said calmly before continuing “If you capture the town Funanai, then I will send you both our uncle and cosine to you once they are ready to die after we capture them in Kuzuyama” a smiled appeared on 000011 face and pulled the sword back from the ground and returned it its place on his back and laughter highly. “That is a deal my dear brother” 000011 said and let 00010 explained the rest of the plans of their conquest. When he finally was done it had turned evening. “Let us rest before starting the conquest tomorrow” 000010 said and both 000011 and 000012 nodded in agreement before finishing their wine glasses. The map was rolled in again to protect it from the heavy rain which had started to fall. 000010 walked to his tent where two guards stood ready. “Bring me some pleasure for the night” he yelled and quickly one of the guards left his post and came back with 3 beautiful women. He started walked between them and one of the started crying while the others tried to keep calm and unafraid off him. “Why are you crying my lady?” 000010 said with a calm playing voice and the woman tried to speak but her voice was gone, making 000010 laugh loudly “Ohh, that is right you have all lost your tongues and are all in chains” Another of the ladies played with her looks for the guard who was holding their chains and there by them captured. It worked and in a quick movement she managed to get hold of his sword but the chains was too short for her to be able to reach 000010 who just laughed again “That is some different women you have bought me today, soldier, but guess better luck next time” he said and then he grasped around the sword hard so blood started to run down its blade and the women all tried to scream while the woman holding the sword lost her grip of it. “See, what you made me do?” 000010 managed to say before the guard started to knell and speak blurring and weird but it was too late as in the next the sword sang in the air and the guard fell lifeless to the ground. The women did not know what to do and just watched the blood runing out on the muddy ground while the other guard quickly took the chain in case they was going to run but instead of yelling 000010 calmly cleaned the sword and said just as calmly “Let them run, I do not want them in my sight anymore. If they get past the army without a single solider grasp them, they are free” the soldier let go of the chain and the women stood for a second before they all tried to run away. They ran past the strategy tent and past another tent when their luck disappeared and out came 000011. “I see, my brother is bringing gifts and then he took the first woman and destroyed her cloches leaving her naked in the heavy rain.

Back at 000010’s tent stood 000010 smiling before he entered his tent alone while another soldier had turned up to become the new second guard. As he gave him was 000012 already there and 000010 smile grew even bigger. “You are getting too good at sneaking into important places… I might need to kill you to be safe in my own bedroom” 000010 said calmly and 000012 smiled back as she knew he was only joking. She started to take off her cloches and soon she was naked in front of hime but to her surprise he shocked his head. “We need to be fresh for tomorrow so better not wasted time on such things” but before he could tell her to get dressed she places one of her tiny fingers on his mouth and kissed him which made them fall into the bed. Later they were both fast asleep while the rain outside became more and more heavy.

000010 was the first to wake up and he stretched himself as he looked around in the tent and outside the sun was slowly raising, starting a new beautiful day. 000012 was no longer in his bed as always so he did not think much of it but when he exited the tent and noticed the guards was missing his mind started to think even that his mouth was faster “Guards, return to your posts” but no one appeared and all seem too silence to be in the centre of a camp. The sun keep shining above him and suddenly a woman appear before him, she was very beautiful and all naked. “Who are you?” 000010 said but the woman did not reply at all and instead another beautiful and naked woman appeared. She was different from the first one but like the first she did not say anything so 000010 started to walk back into his tent to think but it was already impossible to enter the tent as it was full of woman in all sizes and with different hair colours but not a single word was heard. 000010 was about to say something but instead his eyes cough the eyes of his sister 000011 who stood in silence between the other girls who all covered her body from his eyes but his hunger for her flesh made he walk directly against her while slowly taking off his own clothes and each of the women caught a piece of it and disappeared. “Leave us” 000010 almost yelled as he reached her and for a moment he was full of joy and happiness and the next he was screaming loudly as the body of 000011 was naked but wounds filled with blood covered her once beautiful body. “Why, Why… Why” 000010 started to repeat as he tried to cover her but as he was naked and the woman taken his clothes he only had the tent to cover her with but the blood bleed though everything it touched and 000010 screamed again. This time he started to heard the rain fall and heavy steps followed but he was too focused to look who was coming that when the owner finally reached him, he felt cold steel at his neck. But with a quick movement he managed to avoid to the strike and see who the owner was, it was his little brother but like their sister, he was bloody and full of wounds. “What is happening” 000010 managed to say before another strike flew thought the air and things was getting worse as he started to hear soft splashes in the water already turning the former grass into a muddy mess. The small splashes was coming from 000011 who too was holding a sword and it was almost bigger than herself, but she carried it like a feather. “Please, spare me siblings” 000010 yelled and the swords started singing in the air but stopped right at his face like something held them away and before 000010 could think a deep voice rumbled over the sky like thunder. “You and your family will be the last in the bloodline” 000010 wanted to reply the voice but whatever had been holding the swords back did not do so anymore and he felt the pain grow deep inside him and he tried to scream but his face was already gone. A lightning crossed the sky but instead brought darkness and as the thunder followed everything went dark for less than a second before all was light up again and 000010 was back at his tent, alive and awake. He felt his face for injuries but it was whole, it had only been a nightmare but the words from the deep voice had still made him focus so he ran out almost naked and caught the first guard by surprise. “Triple the guards at me and my siblings tents” he yelled loud enough to almost wake up the entire camp but still the guard answered him almost silent. “It is morning, my lord, maybe next night?” and 000010 looked at the sunrise and smiled to the guard before walking back into his tent annoyed but happy it had just been a nightmare.

In the meantime was 000001 and 000004 reaching the edges of the walls around Kuzuyama and the emperor’s palace