Chapter 004 – Emperor’s palace

Chapter 4 – Emperor’s palace cover made by David Aragón

Story: Fei-Fan Chang wakes up on the horse close to the emperor’s palace in town, Kuzuyama. Fei-Fan Chang and Heng Qin cannot get inside the town Kuzuyama because the emperor has decided you need papers to get inside and Heng Qin do not have any proof of who they are, but Fei-Fan Chang finds the family medallion of the earth-dragon. Fei-Fan Chang drops it on the ground and she falls off the horse when she wants to pick it up. Afterwards she is almost by a horse but the owner stops in time even that it makes a mess as the owner lands on top of Fei-Fan Chang. The owner is crown prince Yi-Hao Wang and before Fei-Fan Chang faints from the pain, she feels a connection between them. Fei-Fan Chang wakes up at night with only crown prince Yi-Hao Wang in her room. They eat and talk before emperor Yi-Chen Wang and Heng Qin enters the room and tell them their plans. Fei-Fan Chang gets hypnotised by Heng Qin to figure out who the attackers are and figured out before the palace gets attacked so they have to ride away to leave. Fei-Fan Chang gets another rage, which gets them all out of the palace alive except for emperor Yi-Hao Wang, who believed death after an explosion.

Characters: Fei-Fan Chang, Heng Qin, Yi-Hao Wang, Yi-Chen Wang

Weather: The weather is sunny and the moon is still giving light doing the night and their escape.

Chapter: Fei-Fan Chang opened her eyes and watched as the fireplaces in the towers above the turned on one by one, even that the sun was slowly raising in the east. “Where are we?” She asked and stretched but stopped as the pain from her injuries grew too big. Heng Qin looked at her and smiled “This is the capital Kuzuyama, the home of the emperor, I hope you had pleasant sleep even it was on horse back all the way” Fei-Fan Chang smiled back but her mind was full of thoughts about what would happen now that she had arrived at the palace like her mother had sent her out for, but still she knew that the death of her family and the attack on Shinobe would mean one thing and one thing only, war. “Why are they lighting up the fires, Heng Qin” asked Fei-Fan Chang with a swinging voice and before Heng Qin could answer he already stopped the horse and taken her off it. “Stay with me, Fei-Fan Chang” Heng Qin almost yelled inside Fei-Fan Chang who was getting more dizzy and confused but managed to stay awake while Heng Qin had place her head on a rock. “Relax and take a deep breath even it might hurt” Heng Qin said as he started to remove her cloches a bit so he could get to the wound. Fei-Fan Chang could feel the confusion in her head grow but a sudden pain woke her up like someone was pulling her up. “I am so sorry about the pain, but your wound need to be cleaned a bit as some of your broken clothes had gotten stock in the mix up” Heng Qin said while Fei-Fan Chang just tried to smile but the pain made her teeth almost crush everything. The rain starts to fall and the rain helps Fei-Fan Chang to relax a bit, and with tears started to run down her checks she finally manages to say something again “You forgot to answer my question about the fires places?” Fei-Fan Chang said with a broken voice and Heng Qin removed her hair from her face and replied “well, normally they light up when strangers appear near the gates to the town as a way to tell the emperor of guests” Fei-Fan Chang looked at him confused as she made note of his word ‘Normally’ as she expected it meant that someone would come and help them take care of her but as far as she could see, no one had arrived yet but maybe it was just the pain making the time run faster. “You need to get back on the horse so we can get you inside the walls alive” Heng Qin said before he packed her cloches back around the wound and without warning pulled her up. She wanted to scream off pain but tried to stay strong for her dead parents and soon they was on the move again as the rain got more and more heavy.“Hang in there” she could hear Heng Qin voice say in the rain and even that they was alone on the road, his voice became lower and lower for each time he repeated it. The flames on the walls became smaller and smaller, while the pain inside Fei-Fan Chang was also dying out and soon she was fast asleep again. She did not know how long she had been asleep but the horse was not moving anymore but the rain was still falling heavy on her but for some reason it did not make her more wet and she noticed that Heng Qin had covered her with the blanket that she had been laying on the ground beside the fire with. Then it suddenly hit her, where was Heng Qin but before she got scared she could hear his voice yelling loudly and a low but firm voice replied him but they was too far way for her to understand the words. She looked up from the blanket and notice that Heng Qin was standing about 20meters away form her, in front of a major gate and he was talking to some guard. She tried to focus on the words and block out the sound from the rain and it helped as in the next Heng Qin yelled clearly “I need to see the emperor at once, the kingdom is at stake” but the guard just ignored his request and yelling. Fei-Fan Chang looked up against the sky and felt the rain drop hit her face while the argument between the two men carried on. Suddenly the guard had gotten enough of the yelling from Heng Qin and for the first time, he yelled back. “My patience with you are goners get lost old foul or I make sure you have a public execution to look forward too” and before Fei-Fan Chang could hear a reply from Heng Qin a splash was heard. Fei-Fan Chang returned her focus to the men and now Heng Qin was seating in a pool of water but her mind was already somewhere else suddenly she remembered a way for them to get in. Her family medallion that her mother had given her before sending her away. “Heng Qin” she yelled but the pain made it impossible for her to yell loudly and Heng Qin was still too focused on the guard even the warning about a public execution. She tried to seat up instead and with much pain she managed to get up and she quickly started searching for the medallion as she could feel that the guard was not having much patience left. Suddenly she felt it around her neck, the pain frothier injuries had cover it and she tried to yell again but her voice did not even reach her lips this time so instead she tried to get off the horse. Normally a servant would hold the horse when shows getting off a horse back home but here was no help to get so she had to do it all by herself. “Keep calm” Fei-Fan Chang said to herself and the horse as she turned her back away from the horse when a clicking sound appeared. At first was Fei-Fan Chang confused about what was going on and made the sound in the first place but just as it disappeared she noticed that her medallion had caught the harness and her attempt of getting of the horse had broken the chain and now the medallion was on the way to the ground. Without thinking she reach out for it and she almost caught it before the pain in her body grew so big that she force herself back but it was too late as the horse started to rear without warning making she lost every last control of her body. She felt the pain disappear while she flew into the air but the pain returned tenfold as she landed on the ground with a big splash. “Arrhhhhhhhhh” She scream of pain which made both the guard and Heng Qin focus on her but before they could do anything other than look, another horse started to rear, which made the owner fall off too even that he had been having more control than Fei-Fan Chang had before her episode. Fei-Fan Chang scream again as the man landed on top of her, but quickly silence as the pain became too much for her body and she fainted. The guard and Heng Qin ran over to the accident to make sure that all was good when they notice that the owner was none other the crown prince Yi-Hao Wang. He stood up and was about to yell at Heng Qin and the fainted Fei-Fan Chang when he noticed how beautiful she was. “Get her inside and treat her injuries” he yelled as blood started to mix with the muddy water. A few guards came running and took her while Heng Qin calmed the horses before his eye caught something shining on the gourd and notice it was the medallion, making him understand what had happened. He picked it up and was almost hitting crown prince Yi-Hao Wang on the way back up. “I am sorry for the mess, my lord” Heng Qin said as he noticed the crown prince just watched him. “It is ok, I know who you are, Heng Qin, please let us follow the guards to the palace then you can talk to my father like old times” Heng Qin smiled and nodded as he was in no mood to explain the crown prince why they was there in the middle of the street.

Fei-Fan Chang opened her eyes while her mouth wanted to scream of pain but no voice appeared and her eyes closed too fast for her mind to have any idea of what or where she was. She took deep breath and started to lead her mind against the events that had leading up to her blackout but before the first word managed to appear in her mind, she felt something heavy on her legs which grew into fear and she opened her mouth again but again no voice appeared. She focused on her breath for a while as she tried to let the mind flow again without any fear. “I am not dead, and I am laying down warm and soft, so whoever had caught me, has brought me somewhere nice” she managed to think before a snoring sounded told her that she was not alone. She tried to open her eyes slowly and this time she managed to see she was in some bedroom and that a windows told her that it was already night again. She looked around and focused on the most handsome man, she had ever seen laying with his head on her legs, making her smile as she now knew what was wrong with her legs. Suddenly she was caught by fear as she remembered that she had dropped the medallion out in the mud when she were falling of the horse, the thought made it impossible for her to breath and she felt the air leaving her body and she tried to get air into her lungs by forcing her arms on her chest. The pain in her wounds made it worse before she finally felt some metallic in her hands. “The medallion” she thought loud so it flew out of her mouth and the peaceful man who had slept on her legs started to stretch his arms. “You are finally awake” the young man said even that Fei-Fan Chang tried to hide that she was awake. She stretched her body toot the pain stopped her before she could complete it. There was silence between them for a while as they looked into each other and neither of them knew what to say. “Where…?” Managed Fei-Fan Chang to say before the young man broke in. “You are in the emperor’s palace and forgive my manners but I am crown prince Yi-Hao Wang…. I was the guy who landed on you, and I am sorry for the pain I gave you” Yi-Hao Wang said low while Fei-Fan Chang smiled a bit. Fei-Fan Chang wanted to reply him but her belly took the words out of her mouth and Yi-Hao Wang started laughing before quickly yelled loudly “Servants, bring food now” and before Fei-Fan Chang could say thanks or anything else three servants entered the room and started to serve food. Fei-Fan Chang could not believed all the food and started eating quickly as she was hunger after the trip there, she had not been eating since the evening two days ago. Yi-Hao Wang smiled and joined her eating while sending out the servants out again so they was alone again. “So what brings you here? Heng Qin has not spoke a word to me and just left the room with my father after you was place here” Yi-Hao Wang asked while trying to sound friendly and curious on the same time. Fei-Fan Chang smiled before taking another a big bite of the turkey leg she had gotten her hands in. She swallowed the food quickly and slowly started to the story about that she woke up expecting to meet her father after his months training with the men from Shinobe. But instead the town had been attacked by strangers and her mother had sent her away on the family horse, with only a sword and the family medallion. She stopped to eat some more before she showed the medallion before continuing the story. She had gotten to the forest but the bad weather had hidden a low hanging branch which she had hit with such force that it had killed the horse and leaved her very injuries but luckily she had reached Heng Qin who saved her from the soldiers following her. Later they traveled here she explained as she did not want to tell the crown prince about she had killed soldiers because she feared it would maybe scare him. Then they meet each other on top each other as Fei-Fan Chang had heard Yi-Hao Wang arguing with the guards and she had wanted to give him the family medallion. Yi-Hao Wang took a grip in it and enjoyed the sight of it for a while before letting go again. “I am sorry for your loses but It is a nice medallion you have” Yi-Hao Wang with sorrow in his voice. The plates had turned empty doing the story and it was time for bed again. “Good night, my lady” Yi-Hao Wang said before continuing “Just yell if you need me or a servant as I am sleeping in the room next door” 0Fei-Fan Chang smiled and replied “Good night, my lord” and Yi-Hao Wang left the room. Fei-Fan Chang could feel the thoughts of her parents arrive in her mind once more but compared to before there was now a small light there too, the thoughts about crown prince Yi-Hao Wang and the thought of him made she fall asleep fast.

It was a nice morning as Fei-Fan Chang opened her eyes. The sun was up in the horizon while a bird had landed in her window and started to sing for her. She wanted to get out of bed but the pain from her injuries stopped her movements so instead she decided to enjoy the singing from the birth. Just as the bird started to sing most beautifully noises on the hall outside her room broke the silence and the little bird flew away as fast as it could. A knocking was heard but before Fei-Fan Chang had a chance to answer, the door opened and three men entered the room while having a major argument “I am not letting your torture this young lady, after all she had been to” Yi-Hao Wang yelled loudly against Heng Qin and another man who she did not recognise at first but the golden clothes made her quickly know that it was the emperor. She tried to seat up so she could bow a bit to the emperor but the emperor noticed and replied her instead of his son. “No need to bow for me, my child as your father was a great general and warrior for me so at you are the one bring me this sad news is unbearable” Fei-Fan Chang tried to smile but the joy was short as Heng Qin did not waste the time and replied to Yi-Hao Wang “You have no idea about anything, you are a child like her but sometimes you need to do what is needed of you even that it might hurt” Heng Qin yelled which shocked Fei-Fan Chang as even that they had only been together for a short while she did not expect him to be like this but the sweet voice from the emperor had given her enough strength and before Yi-Hao Wang could defend her she broke in “Why not ask the broken person about it whatever is on your minds instead of talk about something like she is not in the room” the men look surprised at each other and became all silenced. Breaths revealed that they was still alive and angry but it was still Fei-Fan Chang who broke the silence. “I would like to have some noodles and some chicken” Fei-Fan Chang said and Yi-Hao Wang turned around and nodded to a servant who quickly started running after the food. “Well, my lords… we have some time while the servant is bring me the food so is there anyone calm enough to tell me what is going on and what is in such rush” Fei-Fan Chang continued and the men looked at each other and at her as they did not expect her like this. Heng Qin tried to speak but it was Yi-Hao Wang who said something first “These men, want to use hypnoise on you to learn who attacked Shinobe while I want you to rest and get better first as I do not find it important if the enemy attacks us soon anyway” the answer made Fei-Fan Chang look at the all with big eyes as she did not expect their argument and even less why was it the crown prince who protected her and not Yi-Hao Wang. She took a deep breath while she made up her mind and replied. “Ok, but please let me have some breakfast first” the men nodded all and all left the room except for Yi-Hao Wang who sat himself in the chair and looked at her with playful eyes which made Fei-Fan Chang flush deeply. Before any of them could say anything the servant that Fei-Fan Chang had called to bring her some food had arrived and it was chicken and noodles as she had ordered. She wanted to say thank you to the servant but he had already left the room so she decide to start eating again. “Why did you let those old fouls use hypnosis on you when you are still broke? And it will not change a single thing in the events that will happen” Yi-Hao Wang asked and Fei-Fan Chang quickly stopped eating and replied “Well, my mother gave me this mission to bring the news to the emperor and” “I do not care what mission your mother gave you, she would not have asked you if she knew you would be in pain now” broke Yi-Hao Wang clearly annoyed with the answer she had given before he quickly turned glad again and before Fei-Fan Chang could say anything he continued “Sorry, I just do not want you to die as there is always a chance that your body forget what have happen to it doing a hypnosis so you could die doing the séance” Fei-Fan Chang face turned even more red and tried to use the warm noodles as cover before she replied “Like I was trying to say before you broke in, my mom gave me this mission and maybe the hypnosis helps me stop feeling the events was my faults as if I had just been at home the entire time, my mom would have time to ride with me instead of sending out the servants to look for me” a tear ran down her cheek but she quickly removed it before eating some more and soon the chicken was all gone. Yi-Hao Wang did not know what to reply as he respected her reasons and her bravery but why was he caring so much for a woman, he has not meet or seen before even her father was the most trusted general of his father’s army. Fei-Fan Chang used the silence to finished the food and just as she had finished the last bite the emperor and Heng Qin entered the room like they had been called. “Are you ready now?” Heng Qin said calmly while he looked at both Fei-Fan Chang and Yi-Hao Wang. Fei-Fan Chang did not answer with words as she just nodded and Heng Qin walked to the bed while he spoke “Seat up against the wall with your legs straight and your arms following your back into the bed while slowly clearing your mind for everything that has happened, both good and bad”