Chapter 005 – Escape

Chapter 5 – Escape cover made by David Aragón

Story: Starts right after last chapter and Fei-Fan Chang has fainted, ones again while Yi-Hao Wang does not want to escape without his father Yi-Chen Wang. Heng Qin gets them away anyway and they get to the remains of the town Shinobe as it turns into evening. Fei-Fan Chang is having nightmare which reveals the torture of emperor Yi-Chen Wang. Yi-Hao Wang wants to wake her up, but Heng Qin wants her to hear it so they can hear if Yi-Chen Wang reveals their place. They argue about it but before they can agree she wakes up, and the nightmare is over. Fei-Fan Chang notices where they are but does not tell the others what plans she suddenly had got. They retire to bed, but Fei-Fan Chang sneaks out to find her parent’s bodies and ends up finding them burned and bloody hanging from the tree on the hill, she trained on just 2 days ago. Fei-Fan Chang manages to burry them properly in the leftovers from their home, Heng Qin wakes up and fears that she has runaway in a new rage when they get attacked by enemy soldiers. Fei-Fan Chang enters the fight and helps them escape, but the injuries and attack drains Fei-Fan Chang of her last energy.

Characters: Fei-Fan Chang, Heng Qin, Yi-Hao Wang, Yi-Chen Wang

Weather: The weather is sunny and the moon is still giving light but slowly becoming half