Chapter 006 – A new home

Chapter 6 – A new home cover made by David Aragón

Story: It is morning when 000001 wakes up and the voice from her nightmares tries to get inside her head once more but she escapes it. It is 3 days later and she learns what happened form 000005. She gets annoyed of them using her nightmares to figure out about the emperor. Her injuries is too serious for her to get out of bed and the pain makes it hard for her to sleep. In the middle of the night a stranger appears but 000005 hears 000001 scream and rush in. 000005 tries to protect them but the stranger blocks everything like nothing else, and hurts 000005. In the end the stranger heals all the damage, including 000001 injuries and leaves. 000005 fells asleep in the room to protect 000001. 000001 cannot sleep at first because she fears it was the owner of the voice, she have been hearing. 000001 decides to her bad sleep to train a bit after being healed as she wants to be prepared

Characters: 000001, 000004, 000005

Weather: Sunny