Chapter 007 – Love & training

Chapter 7 – Love & training cover made by David Aragón

Story: Next morning Fei-Fan Chang and Yi-Hao Wang is silence about the night’s events but the events have grown their connection. Heng Qin and Fei-Fan Chang travels to town to end her nightmares. They visit a blacksmith and stone mason named Xin Chen to help them create a sword for Yi-Hao Wang and a dragon for Fei-Fan Chang. Fei-Fan Chang and Yi-Hao Wang sneak out at night as he wants nothing to happen to Fei-Fan Chang once more. They find a river and follow it to a waterfall with a cave behind. Fei-Fan Chang falls in the water, but Yi-Hao Wang saves her, and their love grows even bigger. They decide the place is good for their love and training of Fei-Fan Chang. They continue to train day and night for weeks. Ning Wang arrives in town because Xiong Wang has failed finding them fast. Ning Wang runs into Yi-Hao Wang without knowing it is him and quickly grows feelings for him as he acts normal compared to what she is used to. Heng Qin capture Fei-Fan Chang and Yi-Hao Wang sneaking out and demands they stay in different rooms. Heng Qin does it because he is afraid of Fei-Fan Chang rage and Yi-Hao Wang can become the next emperor.

Characters: Fei-Fan Chang, Heng Qin, Yi-Hao Wang, Xiong Wang, Xin Chen, Ning Wang

Weather: Sunny