Chapter 008 – Letters from home

Chapter 8 – Letters from home cover made by David Aragón

Story: Fei-Fan Chang wakes up by Heng Qin and Yi-Hao Wang yelling loudly. She fears it is about her but learns it is about some letters to Yi-Hao Wang from Yi-Chen Wang who Heng Qin has kept secret. Yi-Hao Wang wants to save his father, while Heng Qin does not, as it is too risky. Fei-Fan Chang reads the letters but does not join the argument, even she feels she needs to help Yi-Hao Wang after yesterday. Fei-Fan Chang goes training behind the waterfall instead to get away from it all. Yi-Hao Wang and Heng Qin finally agree to save Yi-Chen Wang because the event while happen in nearby. They decide to wake up Fei-Fan Chang but she is not there, so they get worried about what have happen. They search for her in the town but cannot find her, so they spilt up. Yi-Hao Wang falls over Ning Wang, who tags along in the search. Ning Wang learns she has found those who are looking for and tries to lure Yi-Hao Wang in a trap. Yi-Hao Wang avoids it as Heng Qin returns, and they decide to go home to be fresh for the day after. Before Ning Wang can try more, she gets captured by Xiong Wang, who feels she has silence for too long. Fei-Fan Chang is not home when they get back home, but they cannot search more if they have to fight tomorrow.

Characters: Fei-Fan Chang, Heng Qin, Yi-Hao Wang, Xiong Wang, Ning Wang

Weather: Sunny