Chapter 009 – Nightmares

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Story: Fei-Fan Chang is dreaming about the dragons and elements they control while the voice is there and Fei-Fan Chang wants to silence it once and for all. Suddenly Yi-Hao Wang is there too and they complete the five elements together They find the owner of the voice and it is void dragon Oryu. Oryu force them to fight each other, and Fei-Fan Chang wins. Oryu continues her mind games on Fei-Fan Chang, who hates herself for killing Yi-Hao Wang as she does not know she is dreaming. Yi-Hao Wang wakes up in the cave behind the waterfall Yi-Hao Wang remembers everything and tries to wake up Fei-Fan Chang. Fei-Fan Chang returns to the world and almost kills Yi-Hao Wang, as she believes it is another stage of Oryu mind games. They run back as they smell smoke and when they leave the cave, they notice smoke from town. They find Heng Qin who has sat fire to the house as the remaining town is burning too. The town is burning because Xiong Wang is looking for them and does not want any leftovers. Ning Wang escapes her brother and looks for Yi-Hao Wang as she believes there is a connection between them.

Characters: Fei-Fan Chang, Heng Qin, Yi-Hao Wang, Xiong Wang, Ning Wang, Oryu

Weather: Not mentioned