Chapter 011 – Execution

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Story: 000012 feels the love between 000001 and 000005 and gets jealous as she wanted 000005. 000011 does not notice that 000012 is there because of the smoke and flames from the fire. 000011 demands they surrender as he can kill they easily with his small army. 000005 does not give up so easy as he knows the powers of 000001 and 000004. That was a mistake as 000011 kills 000006 himself instead of the execution plans. 000001 and 000005 is raged and starts fighting against the soldiers together with 000004 and 000012. Suddenly 000004 is killed too by someone and things starts looking more dark. 000001 and 000005 gets captured but 000011 wants 000001 to suffer like her father as he has noticed her skill.

Characters: 000001, 000004, 000005, 000006, 000011, 000012

Weather: Raining, making the fire give lot of smoke.