Chapter 012 – Circle of death

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Story: 000001 gets to fight a big bad man. 000005 gets to fight 000011 because he wants to revenge 000006. They fight hard but they are too weak after fighting against the soldiers. 000001 gets knocked out by hers so 000005 do not know if she is dead or not. 000005 gets a rage and manages to kill 000011. 000005 gets surrounded by enemy forces who wants to kill him 000013 appears with an army as he is the leader of the resistance. The soldiers give up as they are out numbered and has no leader. 000004 is brought to 000005 who tells him that he is sorry that he ruined the love between them. 000005 forgives him and 000004 dies in his arms, making him want to revenge them al. l000001 is still knocked out from her fight so 000005 decides to go on. 000012 appears and wants to join him while 000013 will take care of 000001. 000012 and 000005 travels on to defeat 000010 and end the war. 000001 wakes up later when a bird tries to enter her tent which was a note to 000012 from 000010. 000001 knows she has save 000005 from the trap, so she leaves without telling 000013

Characters: 000001, 000004, 000005, 000010, 000011, 000012, 000013

Weather: Raining but clears up afterwards